Control and Coordination - Chapter 7 : CBSE Class 10 Science (Biology)

Control and Coordination - Chapter 7 : CBSE Class 10 Science (Biology)

Class 10

9 months
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Control and Coordination - Chapter 7 : CBSE Class 10 Science (Biology)You must have to check out other parts of this video at,Control and Coordination In Plants: in plants: Covered in this video:Nervous SystemNervous System is mainly composed of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Though five senses organs(nose, eyes, ears, tongue, and skin) are also a part of the nervous system and play a very important role in the nervous system.Functions of Nervous System- Receive the information from the environment by sense organs.- Transportation of information to the brain through the spinal cord and nerves.- After analyzing the information, it reacts accordingly through muscles and glands.ReceptorsReceptors are a group of cells present in sense organs that are sensitive to change in the environment.NeuronNeurons are specialized cells that are combined to form nerves of the nervous system. As nerves are emerged from the brain and spinal cord and branch out to almost all parts of the body, so neuron is also called a unit of the nervous system.Dear students for DronStudy Website,Please visit: Complete courses,Visit: DronStudy Live Tutoring,Visit: CBSE Board Question Video Solutions,Visit: Media LinksFacebook: us at - 8287971571 or 0261-4890016DronStudy official website: #cbseclass10 #biology✅ Recommended Playlists:👉 Class 10 Science Animated👉 Class 10 Maths Animated👉 Class 10 Social Studies Animated👉 Class 10 Biology👉 Class 10 Physics👉 Class 10 Chemistry🔔 SUBSCRIBE or You'll miss out:Click here:


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